Abbott Safety Consulting, Inc.

What can Abbott Safety Consulting, Inc.
do for your business and employees?

We Are Commercial Driving and Warehouse Safety Specialists.

Affordable programs for accident prevention.

Call us before an accident happens!

Don’t wait until it’s too late to start thinking about safety. At Abbott Safety Consulting, Inc. our affordable accident prevention programs can help you avoid the human, legal, and financial toll that preventable accidents can impose on your business. Isn’t it time that you brought in an outside expert you can trust to make sure that small safety lapses don’t sink your organization?

Abbott Safety Consulting, Inc. is a full-service consulting advisory corporation that has assembled a seasoned transportation specialist. Abbott Safety can provide you with access to the best minds in the business. Put their knowledge to work for your company, to improve safety and compliance with complicated DOT regulations.


Abbott Safety Consulting, Inc. offers complete safety analysis and training services for trucking, transportation and training companies of all sizes. We are equipped to handle complex logistics and coordinate the safe movement of freight between plants, construction sites, ports, warehouses, or any destination. Whether your company is transcontinental or regional, we have a transportation safety plan to meet your needs.