Truck Driving Safety

Accidents do not have to be common or an accepted part of any trucking company’s business. At Abbott Safety Consulting, Inc., safety is our number one priority for your company and your truck drivers. We help your company sharpen its focus on truck driving safety to prevent and reduce car crashes and accidents. Not only is truck driving safety imperative for responsible driving, it is required by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). With the newly enforced laws such as Compliance Safety Accountability (CSA), you need to ensure your drivers are always driving safely and your equipment is in compliance.

We help truck driving companies improve their highway safety driving records and company enforcement of driving safety regulations. When you choose Abbott Safety to help increase your truck driving safety measures, you reduce the risk and liability to your trucking company. We will work with you and your employees to ensure DOT compliance.

We will evaluate your current truck driving safety measures, analyze, and if necessary refine them to ensure DOT compliance.

When it comes to truck driving safety, can you afford to wait any longer? Call now for a truck driving safety consultation.